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Fail2Ban para Zimbra

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La diferencia que posee fail2ban contra las políticas de seguridad de Zimbra, es que fail2ban levanta una regla de iptables para la IP de origen, bloqueando todo acceso al servidor, en cambio las políticas de seguridad de Zimbra bloquean la cuenta en particular que se estaba intentando vulnerar. Así fail2ban viene a complementar las políticas de seguridad de Zimbra, bloqueando toda la IP de origen, así que, cuando se aplica una de estas reglas, no podrá seguir intentando vulnerar otra cuenta.

Ahora, para agregar algunas reglas para Zimbra, debe realizar lo siguiente:

1) Crear el archivo /etc/fail2ban/filter.d/zimbra.conf:

# Fail2Ban configuration file # # Author: # # $Revision: 1 $ # [Definition] # Option: failregex # Notes.: regex to match the password failures messages in the logfile. The # host must be matched by a group named "host". The tag "<HOST>" can # be used for standard IP/hostname matching and is…

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Chequeo Mail Server


Easy way to view postgresql dump files

If the dump is not plain text – try using pg_restore -l your_db_dump.file command. It will list all objects in the database dump (like tables, indexes …).

Another possible way (may not work, haven’t tried it) is to grep through the output of pg_restore your_db_dump.file command. If I understood correctly the manual – the output of pg_restore is just a sequence of SQL queries, that will rebuild the db.

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LOG pg_dump

pg_dump.exe -h my_host -p my_port -U my_user -w -Fc -b -v -f  C:\testbackup
postgres >>C:\testlog.txt 2>>C:\testlog.txt

PostgreSQL Examples to Install, Create DB & Table, Insert & Select Records

The release of the GeoDatabase is either invalid or out of date


Got this ERROR?

Failed to connect to database. The release of the GeoDatabase is either invalid or out of date. DBMS table not found [ORA-00942: table or view does not exist][SDE.GDB_Release]

Geodatabase is either invalid or out of date

I got this error when I did refresh to our Oracle DB in lower environment. After several hours troubleshooting, I laid out my findings:

1. SDE.GDB_Release does not exist on both source DB and target DB.

2. Database version is current and ArcSDE as well.

3. SDE.GDB_Items doesn’t has record in target but has records in source.

Resolution:  Try to find and compare any tables under SDE schema between source and target. I fixed the error after I inserted records from source to target in SDE.GDB_items.

I hope if you are facing this similar error, you can take this post as one of your sources in troubleshooting.

Good Luck, Friends!

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